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Prof. Dr. Katalin Botos DSc. professor emerita


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Family name: Botos
First name: Katalin
Place and date of birth: Nagyvárad, 1941
Nationality: Hungarian
Address: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged, H-6722 Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 1.
Phone: 36-62-544632
e-mail: botos.katalin@eco.u-szeged.hu


Education and degree

  • Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest 1959-1964 Degree in Economics
  • Hungarian Academy of Science 1973, Candidate of Science in Economics (equal to PhD)
  • Hungarian Academy of Science 1987, Doctor of Science in Economics


Current position

  • Professor at the Institute of Finance and International Economic Relations, University of Szeged
  • Head of PhD program in Economics, University of Szeged
  • Member of Habilitation Committee, University of Szeged


Courses taught

  • Financial policy
  • Bank system and regulation
  • International finance


Research interest

  • Economic History
  • Financial Policy
  • International Finance
  • European Monetary Integration


Previous positions

  • 1964-1990 Different positions at Hungarian Investment Bank, Ministry of Finance, Research Institute for Finance
  • 1977-87 Editor of International Finances Publications at Research Institute for Finance
  • 1977- 1988 Member of Currency and Financial Workshop of COMECON Academies, 1985-1988 the Head of the Workshop
  • 1981-1990 Member of the Scientific Qualification Board of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1990-1992 State Secretary at Ministry of Finance
  • 1990-1994 Member of Parliament
  • 1992-1994 President of Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority
  • 1994-1999 Member of Habilitation Committee, Budapest University of Economics and Professor of the University
  • 1999-2005 Head of Ph.D. Program in Economic History at Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  • Member of Editing Committee of Bankszemle for 7 years


Professional memberships

  • 1999- Elected member of the Committee for International and Development Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2001- Head of Editing Committee of Heller Farkas Working Papers
  • 2001- Member of Editing Committee of Historical Sciences Papers, PPCU Faculty of Arts


Fellowships and invited lectures (selected)

  • Glasgow 1977, 1981
  • London School of Economics 1985
  • University of Hamburg 1996
  • US National Academy of Sciences 1990
  • Catholic University Milan (ASERI) 2001
  • Catholic University Eichstaett 2001
  • Rheinische Friedreich-Wilhelms-Universiteat Bonn, 2001, 2002