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Institute of Finance and International Economic Relations


The Institute has a major role in organizing the Finance and Accounting BA degree programme (focusing on subjects of Corporate Finance, Banking, Security Markets, Public Finance and Accounting), the International Economy and Business MA degree programme (including courses such as International Economics, International Finance, International Strategic Management and Global Marketing) and the Economy and Public Policy MA degree programme (including courses such as Financial Politics and Management of Public Finances. Special emphasis is placed on some particular sectoral policies like Educational Economy, Health Economy and the Economy of Municipalities).

The Research Profile of the Institute embraces the following main areas:

  • The Regulatory issues of financial policies: current account imbalances, instability of money and capital markets, causes and results of the financial crises and the evaluation of the Basel II Standards.
  • The role of venture capital in corporate finance: studying financing issues of micro and small enterprises with particular attention paid to the capital allocation role of business angels.
  • Risks in the financing of municipalities: international and domestic experiences of borrowing and bankruptcy regulations.
  • Accountancy research studies: the appearance of environmental revenues in environmental accountancy.
  • European economic integration research studies: issues of competition regulation in the European Union; varieties of capitalism in the European Union.
  • Head of Institute

    Dr. Beáta Farkas Head of Institute, associate professor

    62/ 544-219; bfarkas@eco.u-szeged.hu

    Secretary of Institute

    Gondáné Irén Prajda
    prajda.iren@eco.u-szeged.hu Secretary of Institute
    Phone: [+36](62)544-682
    Fax: [+36](62)544-499

    Divisions of Institute

    International Relations

    Working Papers

    • Beáta Farkas: Capitalism models in the European Union (Annex)