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Dr. Eszter J. Megyeri PhD assistant professor

Scientific Curriculum Vitae

Publications - MTMT

CV (Hungarian)


Dr. Eszter J. Megyeri PhD


OBJECTIVE: Personally shape the development of supply chain management theory and practice

through education, research and business consulting activities locally, regionally and globally




  • Megyeri,E. 2009: Statistical Methods for Measuring Cross-cultural Fairness and Equity in Interorganizational Relationships. Challenges for Analysis of the Economy, the Businesses, and Social Progress International Scientific Conference publication – under review (in English)
  • Kiss, G. D., Megyeri E., Gábor T., Dudás L. 2009. Convergence and contagion in transitional countries. In: Regions, Firms and Institutions int he World Economy, Warsaw School of Economics – University of Tübingen – Heidelberg University – University of Hohenheim, October 8-9, 2009, Warsaw (in English)
  • Megyeri, E. 2009: Public Support for Elderly, Families and Children, In Botos K. (ed): Idősödés és globalizáció - Nemzetközi Pénzügyi Egyensúlytalanság. Tarsoly Kiadó, Budapest, ISBN: 978-963-9570-31-3, pp. 27-41 (in Hungarian)
  • Megyeri, E. 2009: CRM in financial service sector, In The World of Services reviewed conference publication. Eds. Hetesi E., Majó Z., Lukovics M., JATE Press, Szeged, 430-439 (in Hungarian)
  • Megyeri, E. 2009: PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT: Supply Dilemma of a premium product. In Logistics Management Case Studies. Ed. Szegedi Z., Kossuth Kiadó, Budapest, 197-202 (in English and Hungarian)


  • Challenges for Analysis of the Economy, the Businesses, and Social Progress, International Scientific Conference, Szeged Hungary, 2009. November 19-21. Title: Cross-cultural Fairness and Equity Research in Inter-organizational Relationships and Applied Statistical Methods for its Qualitative Measurement (in English)
  • AMA Marketing Educator's Winter Conference, Tampa, Florida, USA, February 20-23. 2009. Title: The Foundations of Fairness in Business-To-Business Relationships, (in English)
  • Economic Impact of Aging and International Financial Imbalances, Conference, Budapest, Hungary, November 26.2008. Title: Public Support for Elderly, Families and Children (in English)
  • The World of Services Conference, Szeged, Hungary, November 19. 2008. Title: CRM in financial service sector (in Hungarian)



University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 2006/09-

Institute: Finances and International Economic Relations, Lecturer,


  • Division of World Economy and European Economic Integration
  • International Management course in English (MA)
  • International Human Resource Management course in English (BA, MA)
  • Institute of Business Studies, Division of Marketing & Management
  • Logistics course in Hungarian (BA)
  • Business Logistics seminar in Hungarian (BA)
  • Operations Management in Hungarian (BA)
  • Supply Chain Management in Hungarian (MA)


Masterfoods USA, Hackettstown, NJ, Mars Inc., Industrial Engineer 09/2004-06/2006

Business Segment: M&M's Portfolio


  • Supply Chain Strategy Development for the largest Mars brand for the largest bite size product market
  • New Business Development in the area of M&M's product customization from the supply chain development aspect
  • Assure timely, effective and efficient capacity expansion in line with brand and supply chain strategy


Masterfoods USA, Hackettstown, NJ, Mars Inc., Industrial Engineer 10/2003-09/2004

Business Segment: Filled Bar Portfolio


  • Filled Bar and Chocolate Supply Chain Strategy Development Project manager
  • Filled Bar New Product/Promotion Activity Management-Supply Representative
  • Raw Material Cost of Goods Sold –Industrial Engineering support


M&M Mars, USA, Hackettstown, NJ, Mars Inc., Operation Planner 11/1999-10/2003

Business Segments: Twix, Cookies&, Combos, Hard Candy, Chewlicious, Fruit Twist

Ice Cream, Hollow Molded Seasonal Items


  • Mid and Long term Production and Capacity Planning
  • Data Administration Supervisor of the Demand-Supply-Inventory Reporting System (Oracle Database, Business Object Reporting Interface)
  • Web ’Mistress’ of Product Supply Page using Microsoft Front Page as editing tool


Effem Hungary Ltd, Csongrádbokros, Mars Inc. Customer Service & Logistics Manager 11/1997 - 09/1999




  • Inbound and Outbound Logistics: managing the procurement process of 144 raw- and 280 packaging materials, managing 21 export markets in Europe and Asia
  • Production Planning and Sequencing: short- and mid term capacity planning of 8 pet food production technologies (extrusions, injections, ovens) producing 30 semi-finished- and 150 Finished Goods.
  • Change Control: 150 activities/year. Launches/Relaunches/Promotions/Sourcing Changes
  • External Relations (custom affairs, Ministry contact)


  • Initial Developer & Key User of Supply Planning and Transactional System customized for Effem Hungary such as SAP, Mainframe, SKEP converting all data flow from spreadsheets into an integrated environment

People Management:

  • Directly reporting associates: 2 Inbound Manager, Outbound Manager
  • Indirectly reporting associates: 8 Schedulers, Traffic -, Export-, Data Administration


Logistics Service Center, Municipality of Szeged, Hungary 03/1997 - 10/1997

Analyst on a market research project identifying local logistics service demand



University of Szeged, Doctoral School in Economics, Szeged Hungary 09/2007–

PhD   Research topic: Fairness in B2B relations

Janus Pannonius University, Fac. of Business and Economics, Pécs Hungary 09/1995–07/1997

M.Sc. Degree Management and Consulting specialization

Intercultural Business Communication in English specialization

Thesis: Logistics Mngmnt with special regard to the theory & practice of Logistics Centers

(written and submitted in English, translated to Hungarian)

HEAO Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands 09/1996-03/1997

B.Sc. Degree International Course on Logistics and Distribution in English

Thesis: Potential Partnerships & Market Relations of Szeged Logistics Service Center

Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Business and Economics, Pécs Hungary 09/1991–07/1995

B.Sc. Degree General Business and Economics

Thesis: Secondary Service as new perspectives (written and submitted in Hungarian)

Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Arts, Pécs Hungary 09/1993–07/1995

Visiting student on Human Resources Management Course



  • Strategy (linear programming planning software) and Apollo Manulogistics inventory and replenishment software
  • SAP key user for Material Management, Production Planning, Sales & Distribution modules.
  • SKEP user. User of EDPS and ESIS, DRP, Linx, Business Objects, Microsoft Office
  • Qlikview Professional user, SPSS Statistical Program Package



  • English as a strong second language (lived 1 yr in Canada, 1 yr in the Netherlands, 7yrs in the USA)
  • Hungarian as primary language, mother tongue