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Department of Statistics and Demography

The Department of Statistics and Demography has 11 members with a broad range of interests. Areas of research are theory and methods, especially multivariate data analysis, multicollinearity and redundancy; demography, especially the demography of Hungarian minorities abroad; social statistics; business and economic statistics; statistics education. Our colleagues collaborate with other Institutes, partners, and the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in research projects. The members in the department have a broad range network of colleagues.


Head of the Department:

Dr. Péter Kovács, Head of the Department, associate professor
Consulting hours:please contact the lecturer via e-mail for a date and time Kálvária ave.1. room 316

E-mail: pepe@eco.u-szeged.hu
Phone: [+36](62)544-523



László Klonkai, associate professor
E-mail: klonkai@juris.u-szeged.hu
Phone: [+36](62)544-028


Dr. Tamás Katona, professor
Email: tamas.katona@eco.u-szeged.hu
Phone: [+36](62)546-734;


Dr. Tibor Petres, Ph.D., associate professor
E-mail: petres@juris.u-szeged.hu
Phone: [+36](62)546-734


Dr. Ildikó Szondi, associate professor
E-mail: szondi@juris.u-szeged.hu
Phone: [+36](62)544-411


Dr. Richárd Gyémánt, Ph.D., senior lecturer
E-mail: hollandus@freemail.hu
Phone: [+36](62)544031


Klára Kazár, lecturer
Consulting hours: Wednesday 13.00-14.00 Kálvária ave.1. room 316

E-mail: kazar.klara@eco.u-szeged.hu

Phone: [+36](62)544523



Challenges for Analysis of the Economy, the Businesses, and Social Progress International Scientific Conference Szeged (Hungary), November 19-21, 2009
Abstract Book(ISBN: 978-963-88468-3-9)

Reviewed papers (ISBN 978-963-069-558-9)