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Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award was awarded to the University of Szeged

Certificate for International Student Satisfaction

Another international award recognized the education and university life of the University of Szeged. The awards were divided on the basis of the students' opinion.

The University of Szeged has received Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award in 2014 by Study Portals, the International Study Choice platform. University students from all around Europe have the opportunity to express their opinion and rate their universities. The participating international students ranked the University of Szeged between 9.5 and 10 which resulted in the significant honour.

Some comments on the University of Szeged:

“Comparing to my own country, which is Estonia, it is not expensive to live there. The accommodation in the city centre is rather cheap than expensive. Food and other living costs are in general normal, not expensive. The public transport was free for students there, it made the living costs less expensive.”

“I would recommend this university and city, because there are many international students who are not Erasmus students. The city is very sweet and student-friendly. The university has a great library with good range of books from different fields.”

“I would recommend this particular university because it's one of the best from Central Europe and I would recommend the city because it is a universities city and it offers a lot of opportunities to for academic, cultural, social and night life.”