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Macroeconomic Questions and Potentials


Zsigmond Járai, former chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank of Hungary, gave a lecture on 8th July at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

As the first guest of the two week long CIB ECOdemia Summer University, Zsigmond Járai gave a lecture entitled Macroeconomic Questions and Potentials.

All things considered, the lecture showed us a positive picture of the current Hungarian economic situation: there is a tendency of improvement, based on several economic indicators of the last few years. However, the lag comparing it to other EU countries still shows significant differences. As we know, Hungary has been suffering from its long-term debts since 1967. As the lecturer said, getting out of the debt trap is a difficult task indeed, since besides the requirement of balanced economic operations, the interest charges cause many difficulties in the life of a country.

Although Hungary has been removed from the list of the most 10 riskiest countries of the world, the growth in Hungary is still very slow and the rate of employment still does not meet the standards. The creation of a more predictable economic environment can be the solution with reduced bureaucracy, job creation and raise of competitiveness, the support of the SME sector would play a more important role.

The program continues on 10th July at 17 o’clock in the Main Hall of the Faculty of Economics, when Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó, Rector of the University of Szeged gives a lecture entitled “The innovation potential of ELI – opportunities and limits”.