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University of National Excellence


The University of Szeged won an outstanding award called ‘University of National Excellence’.


The Government's decision was published in the Hungarian Official Journal on its 7th February, 2013 edition. The University of Szeged is one among the three largest, most prominent national higher education institutions which has won this prize; where Eötvös Loránd University and the University of Debrecen are the other two winners.


The ‘University of National Excellence’ award can be given to those higher education institutions, which satisfy several disciplines, which include special training and research capacity and have scientific achievements as well. This way the winning university has to play a significant role in achieving the nation's strategic objectives. Furthermore, the award can be given only to those universities, which are capable of making significant progress on the international rankings of their higher educations, and when their international student mobility is outstanding.


The prestigious award is valid from 2013 till 2016.