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To the top of the WallStreet from the University of Szeged


Have you ever dreamt about to be a part of the world’s biggest financial organisations? Are you interested in banking and finances? Let us show you the most useful method to start your career at the world most important firms! We introduce you the Bloomberg Aptitude Test!

- What is the Bloomberg Aptitude Test?

BAT is basically an evaluation of your analytical mindset, your capability of conducting logic-related tasks and your understanding of financial data. If you took the test your results were firstly evaluated and sent back to you, secondly submitted in a database from which 20,000 firms are searching for employees.


- Tell me more about the test!

Well, it only takes two hours of your time to but you surely acquire infinite opportunities from it. The whole evaluation consists only multiple-choice questions in the topics of:

News Analysis

Financial Statements Analysis

Analytical Reasoning

Investment Banking

Chart and Graph Analysis

Global Markets



It is important that the BAT is not assessing your lexical knowledge, but the „aptitude” of you, that is why no preparation needed.


- Which firms could contact me after taking the test?

The largest financial companies in the world e.g.: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, AIG, Kellogg Company, Robert W. Baird, European Commission, Guggenheim Partners, Macro Risk Advisors, BP, Fitch Rating.

They are looking for candidates in: Investment banking, money management, accounting, operations, technology, compliance, consulting.


- Ok, you’ve convinced me. When and where can I take the BAT? And how much it costs?

First of all however the BAT gives you an infinite opportunity at the University of Szeged it is absolutely free of charge. The exact time and dates are the followings:


 21 May 2013 @ 09.00 am <<click here to register>>

28 May 2013 @ 09.00 am <<click here to register>>


Place: University of Szeged, Faculty of Economy and Business Administration.

(1., Kálvária avenue., Szeged) Room 105.


Prior register needed to participate in the tests!