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The ECOdemia Summer School has started in great interest


On the 2nd of July, 2013 a new event ha started in the hall of GTK, which consists of four events.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the CIB Bank Ltd. and the County Chamber of Commerce of Csongrád established the ECOdemia Summer School in order to disseminate information and knowledge about economy.

The purpose of Summer School (keeping with the theme of ECOdemia basic values) is to creat value for the corporate executives of Szeged and the Region of Southern Great Plain. Besides presenting the current economic, political, and economic trends, the development of the interaction between corporate actors has also a particulat importance.

The first event of the Summer School is about the current trends and opportunities of the economic policies. The guest speaker of the ECOdemia Summer School opening event was Árpád Kovács Prof. Dr., who currently holds the Fiscal Council chairman's position, so direct experience and professional insights were also able to share.

The next event will take place on July 9, where Miklos Lukovics Dr. and Robert Toth will talk about the business development priorities of the Region of South Great Plain and the county of Csongrád.

Programs of the Summer School are open to all visitors!


Additional program of the Summer School ECOdemia:


Gyula Pomázi, executive director of the Provice Ltd.

Investments, actors, potential collaborations and needs of the Region of South Great Plain

2013th July 11 18:00, GTK Hall (6722 Szeged, Kalvaria Sgt. 1)


Victoria Bodnar Dr., executive director of the IFUA Horvath & Partners Management Consulting and Information Technology

Corporate experience in the financial crisis - a comprehensive guide to current issues

2013th July 16 18:00, GTK Hall (6722 Szeged, Calvary Sgt. 1)