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Financial IQ award ceremony – prizes for the test-fillers


In the award function held on 1st of March, 2013 at Ceremonial Hall of the Faculty of Economics some students of the University were able to take their prizes, who have successfully completed the Electronic Financial IQ test.


On the 16th February, 2013 signed a memorandum of understanding about the research and development of the financial literacy. The participants were the followings: National Audit Office, University of Szeged, Budapest College of Communication and Business, Econventio ROundtable Nonprofit Association, Hungarian Finance and Economic Auditors Association.


The Financial IQ test was conducted during the time from 1 December 2012-14 Februar 2013. The test was filled by 1800 students. In order to promote the activities of the association, Econventio offered several precious gifts, which found new owners by ballot. The gift includes

- 4 x 10 "Samsung tablet,

- 4 x 7 "Samsung tablet,

- 4 x Samsung LED Monitor

- 40 SONY 16GB USB flash drive.


Among the winners nine of them are the students from the University of Szeged. They were awarded on the function held on 1st of March at the ceremony hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The students are honored in the presence of Dr. Márton Vilmányi (Dean of the faculty), Dr. Péter Kovács (Associate Professor) and Ákos Sápi (Leader of Econventio).