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Central and Eastern Europe ended the series


After the highly successful Mediterranean and Western Europe Evenings, some well-experienced students introduced us Central and Eastern Europe.

Another cheerful Erasmus Evening took place on 11th December in the main hall of the Faculty of Economics. Firstly, Poland was introduced by one of our students who travelled a lot in the country to see more and to collect more experiences. We could learn what kind of differences and similarities are between the two countries.

In the following minutes Turkey was in the spotlight introduced as a very attractive place, thanks to its climatic endowments.

Finally, two students from the University of Opava, who did their two months internship in our Faculty, talked about the Czech Republic in an authentic presentation. They taught us the useful expressions we should know if we want to spend some time in the Czech Republic, and we could also taste the pride of the country, real Czech beer.


We hope that next semester the series will continue, since it provides useful information and relations for the participants.


Erasmus Evening