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42 scholarships for incoming students have been awarded

42 scholarships for incoming students have been awarded

The Faculty of Economics is working hard to help students. Many of the 148 incoming students applied for a scholarship, and 42 of them have received total or partial financial assistance .

Since the awarding of scholarships by the state has ended, the Faculty of Economics, in conjunction with several companies, has created new scholarships for the students. The companies involved include DEXTER Informatikai Kft., Ökonómia Alapítvány, Printker Zrt., Provice Kft., Realio Informatikai Kft., Scriptum Informatikai Zrt., Tisza Volán Zrt., and Universitas-Szeged Nonprofit Kft. The faculty also created its own scholarship known as "Talent in the Faculty of Economics".

Applicants had to submit their CV, a motivation letter, and other documents that demonstrate their talent. The selection was based on their admission points and financial status. The scholarship awards ceremony took place on the 7th of September in the lecture hall of the Faculty of Economics building.